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Who is Ablaze Energy?

We are a Colorado based company in the lighting and renewables industry. Full in house origination and development capabilities. LED lighting sales and facilitation experts. Proprietary estimating, referral, and affiliate tracking software.

Why Choose Us?


Dedicated Ablaze Energy sales, finance, and project management personnel
Dedicated portal on our proprietary operational sales and estimating software platform
Dedicated operations support
Dedicated design and engineering support


We procure key products and have ultra competitive pricing
Trained and proven Internal and External sales force
100% positive cash flow financing options
Proprietary software for project estimates and tracking
Full in house technical support and administration team

How Can You Profit?

Enter, or strengthen, a presence in the fastest growing industry in the country.
Increased visibility into workload.
Increased logistical ability by utilizing our in-house teams.
Prompt and frequent payment terms
Profitable flat rate for installations you build.
Be a preferred vendor for our contract fulfillment
Refer customers nationally through Ablaze and leverage all of our many customer acquisition benefits.

How The Program Works

Once your become a trusted partner, you can take advantage of our high-velicity sales origination and integrated financing with in-house funds and a wide array of options. You will received buildable project direct from us to keep your teams working!
Leads funnel to Ablaze through various sources
Ablaze contracts systems and facilitates financing
Site visit, engineering and permit package completed
Project assigned to Authorized Integrator for installation