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Commercial Solar

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Why work with Ablaze Energy’s Commercial Solar Team?

We are one of the only unbiased companies servicing the commercial solar industry! Our commercial solar power team provides the best commercial solar solutions with a smile, nothing more, nothing less. You will enjoy a friendly experience that will leave you with a warm feeling, and a more fuller wallet!   We are aware of all of the options available in the commercial solar space, and can help you determine which is really the best commercial solar solutions based on your situation, not ours.

Give us a try today and see why thousands of people have chosen Ablaze Energy for their commercial solar solution!

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What is the cost to go Solar in Commercial?

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For most of our customers there is no cost. Most of our customers prefer our Power Purchase Agreement, which is simply paying less money for your electricity, no money out of pocket and guaranteed savings from day 1. If you have use for favorable tax credits and are of the investor mentality than a straight purchase would be a good option for you, we have several financing options available for solar purchases. Typical solar investments yield over 10% internal rates of return (IRR).

Ablaze Energy Commercial Solar Service Agreement (PPA)

The Ablaze Energy Service agreement offers a bright alternative to owning a commercial solar system. With no-money-down options to enhance every budget, a Ablaze Service Agreement provides risk-free and worry-free access to electricity for less. An Ablaze Service Agreement allows homeowners to start paying less than their current rates and lock in that rate for many years to come. As prices rise from the utility your electricity rate stays the same.

One of our favorite analogies with this is with gasoline, this offer is the equivalent of installing a gas pump at your house with limitless fuel production at a guaranteed price of $2 per gallon. And even better, we can lock in the fuel price at $2 for the next 20 years, with what we’ve all witnessed with increased energy costs across the board and commercial solar energy serves as a great hedge against rising costs.

Purchasing the Commercial Solar Panel System

This is a great option for affluent individuals that have a need for the tax benefits, good credit, and an appetite for lucrative investing. On average, our residential customers that purchase their systems enjoy a very fast payback (3-7 years depending on region), cash flow from day one, significant increase in home values, and a rate of return that is too good to believe. If you’re considering purchasing a commercial solar system then you’re at the right place, all of our professional staff is well versed in the purchasing of solar systems and we are happy to be your trusted partner during your consideration.