How much money are you burning on old lighting?


solar panels californiaWant more peace of mind?

We will happily prove the savings to you by monitoring your before and after energy usage on a small portion of your project. For example, we could begin monitoring your existing lights on a designated portion of your property, say a few offices, and then install the new lights in that section so you can watch the transformation and reduced electric load. Want to learn more about how the monitoring works?

Most customers we work with find that they are paying approximately 60% more than what’s necessary.

Depending on your building, site, and operational needs, your lighting can represent more than 50% of your total electric bill. With utility rates at all-time highs and ever-rising, it is imperative to control any expenses you can. We help you take control of these expenses, and have more cash flow from day one.

What Makes Us Different

LEDs have traditionally been recognized as a more expensive, novelty type of lighting. Today, LEDs are cost effective and incredibly more advanced then all traditional lighting in every category. Below are just some of the many advantages you’ll gain with your LED lighting.

Energy Savings

Corporate responsibility is important, what’s better than profiting while portraying sound conservational judgement?

Increases profits

Reduces energy bills, qualifies for tax incentives and utility company rebates.

Environmentally Friendly

LEDs are recyclable and have the smallest carbon footprint of any other lighting product.

Services we provide for our customers:

  • 100% financing, no down payments, no joke. We will improve your cash flow from day 1.
  • Design and engineering; from certifying our projects so that they are qualified for special tax deductions, to optimizing the layout, design, and efficiency.
  • Energy audit
  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • Recycling on old lighting material
  • Monitoring and maintenance

Why wait to save money with LEDs?

Old Technology

  • (Fluorescents, High Pressure Sodium, CFL, Flood)
  • 40 Watt Fluorescent Tube
  • Cost of operation – $20 per year
  • Maintenance Costs – $2 per year
  • 10 year operation cost – $240With only 100 lamps in your building this means that you’re currently paying $2,400 per year just for your office lighting!

New Technology

(We have LED options for every old technology)

  • 17 Watt LED Tube
  • Cost of operation – $9 per year
  • Maintenance Costs – $0 per year
  • 10 year operation cost – $90
  • But with 100 LEDs you’re paying $900 per year! And they’re maintenance free! $1,500 savings per year, or $15,000 over the next 10 years!