Residential Solar

When making the decision to switch to cleaner energy for your home, it’s important you find the best solar company that will provide you with the greatest value for solar electricity and excellent service to ensure the highest quality solar installation and customer experience. At Ablaze Energy we focus heavily on customer satisfaction, ensuring that you are excited and satisfied about the whole solar process! Come experience the Ablaze difference today, and be on your way to a happier and cleaner tomorrow.

Solar power for your Home is cost effective power.

Residential Solar Power is very cost effective

Residential solar power is being considered by more homeowners today than ever before because of the financial and environmental benefits. Ablaze Energy teams up with the top solar partners in the industry to ensure that whatever options you may need or want are available with your residential solar power. With many people qualifying for residential solar panels, with $0 down options, the impact on your wallet could be substantial. Don’t find yourself paying more for electricity than you really should be with solar power for your home, so call to see your personalized savings with solar panels for your home today!

Hedge against rising utility costs with Solar power in your Home!

Residential Solar Power is very cost effective

Everyone pays for the power they use from the utility company, and if you are one of the hundreds of millions of people using traditional forms of electricity you are paying too much. Even now utility rates are very high when compared to the cost of that same electricity coming from solar. Call us to see what your new rates could be and learn why so many people are changing from their old outdated power companies to the new You-tility on the block!

Increase the value of your home with Residential Solar Panels

Residential Solar Power is very cost effective

Whether you lease or purchase your residential solar power system, solar panels have been proven to increase your home's value. In a recent study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in California, a home with solar panels has the added benefits when compared with other houses on the market.

  • Homes sell for on average 3.5% more than similar homes without solar added - homes with solar tend to stay on the market for less time.
  • The locked in utility rate increases the value of your home for potential buyers.
Don't take our word. See for yourself.

Getting started with Solar Energy in the Home has never been so simple.

Residential Solar Power is very cost effective

Simply request a quote for residential solar power from Ablaze Energy using the form to the right, and be instantly added to our network of interested home owners seeking lower utility costs from home solar panels. Within 24 hrs you will be contacted by one of our Energy Advisers to get your solar process moving forward! Ablaze Energy handles every aspect of getting residential solar power in your home so that you don't have to worry about anything but where to spend your new found money! So when you're ready to save, you can sit back, relax, and know that we have you taken care of with our top of the line residential solar technology.

Considering Solar for Your Home? We Make it Easy!

From the initial consultation to the final inspection we take great strides to ensure that the process of going solar is fun, quick, and easy. And with our dedicated staff getting you on the road to energy independence has never been easier.


Meet with a solar specialist
Our energy advisers will meet with you to discuss what you are looking for and what will work to meet your residential solar needs.

Solar Power Payment Option Selection

Best pricing available with our solar program
We have access to the best financing options for residential solar panels available, come see what Ablaze Energy have to offer you and your home today!

Site Evaluation & Design

Solar site evaluation and design
Detailed site evaluations give our design team everything they need to customize a solar panel system for your home.

Solar Panel Installation

Residential solar power installation is easy
All permitting and paperwork is completed for you, and most solar panel installations take 1 day to complete.

Turn On System

We turn on your solar energy
After your residential solar panel installation, the utility inspection takes place and your system is turned on! You are now producing solar electricity!!

Referral Program

Refer a friend to our solar program to get extra cash!
Earn some extra cash as you refer all your curious friends and neighbors to Ablaze when they come knocking!

Don't take our word for it, hear what our customers think.

Merrit and Lois Kinsey

"We purchased our system from Ablaze Energy and are very pleased with the installation. The installation crew was good at keeping us posted on their progress and cleaned up very well after installation work. The system is so well hidden, it is invisible from the street, which we believe is a real asset to our "curb appeal." We have recommended Ablaze to several of our neighbors. Going 'Green' is the right thing to do, and Ablaze Energy seems to be the right company with which to work."

Keith Sullivan

"I was contacted about the benefits of solar, and a quick analysis was done on my property. A few days later an official proposal was presented. It was obvious we could benefit from the product, and we signed on the line. A few weeks later a very professional crew began work and one week later it was complete. Xcel Energy showed up a few days later and we were up and running. The process was quick and effortless on my part, and all involved did a great job."

Gene Grams

"From start to finish everyone involved was completely knowledgeable and professional. One would be hard-pressed to find a better installation crew; they were truly impressive. The money spent on this system will give us a payback that is unachievable with most current investments. Ablaze Energy definitely has my highest recommendation."

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