Why pay more when you could be paying less?


Tomorrow’s utility company has arrived

America’s electricity landscape is changing, as new technology is introduced, the way in which we receive our power will provide better options for businesses and homeowners than what has historically been available.The smart way to power your business, home, and life.

Electricity rates are rising.

There is a lot of controversy over rising electricity rates in the U.S. because of immensely-different, and sometimes convoluted, information available on the web. Here’s what we’ve learned with our years of experience analyzing historic utility bills for our customers. If you look for information from your utility company you can forget it, it’s skewed to keep you from understanding what you’re really paying for. If you’re looking for information from the Public Utility Commission (for those of you living in regulated energy states) you can also forget it. These organizations generally publish whatever information the largest utility companies in their jurisdiction release.


When searching for rate increase information from the above mentioned sources, you are going to be getting information regarding ‘base rates.’ Unfortunately for you, your base rate is usually a very small portion of your overall bill. The trick that these entities play, is surcharges or riders, meaning they will tell you your rate has gone up say 2%, but what they don’t tell you is how many new riders and surcharges you now pay.

Getting started with solar is easy.

All of us at Ablaze Energy have worked very hard to make it easy for our customers to choose this cheaper, renewable energy source. You can go solar with, or without, having one of our trained professional consultants out to your home. With modern day technology we are able to service you remotely, the choice is yours, whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Considering solar? We make it easy.

From the initial consultation to the final inspection we take great strides to ensure that the process of going solar is fun, quick, and easy. And with our dedicated staff getting you on the road to energy independence has never been more easy.


Meet with a solar specialist
Our energy advisers will meet with you to discuss what you are looking for and what will work to meet your residential solar needs.

Solar Power Payment Option Selection

Best pricing available with our solar program
We have access to the best financing options for residential solar panels available, come see what Ablaze Energy have to offer you and your home today!

Site Evaluation & Design

Solar site evaluation and design
Detailed site evaluations give our design team everything they need to customize a solar panel system for your home.

Solar Panel Installation

Residential solar power installation is easy
All permitting and paperwork is completed for you, and most solar panel installations take 1 day to complete.

Turn On System

We turn on your solar energy
After your residential solar panel installation, the utility inspection takes place and your system is turned on! You are now producing solar electricity!!

Referral Program

Refer a friend to our solar program to get extra cash!
Earn some extra cash as you refer all your curious friends and neighbors to Ablaze when they come knocking!