Don't take our word for it, hear what our customers think.

Roberta Urquhart

"Ablaze Energy Rocks! They were professional and timely every step of the way with the best customer service I've ever experienced. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting to significantly save on energy costs."

Ray Helen Carlson

"From our first meeting...through all the follow up, our entire experience with Ablaze Energy has been excellent... everything was laid out and all procedures were fully explained. Everyone has been very professional and accommodating form the first designs, the installation and getting us onto the solar system. The electric company that did the installation did so in a very timely and professional manner and Ablaze Energy has been very forthcoming in all of the follow up."

Mike Timmerman

"A family member recently had a solar system installed by Ablaze Energy. After seeing the positive experience they had dealing with the knowledgeable staff, we decided to have our own system installed. Ablaze provided excellent customer service throughout the entire process. The potential cost savings on rising energy costs seems like a great investment. We are currently in the market for a new home and installing another system through Ablaze Energy is definitely on our to-do list."

Merrit and Lois Kinsey

"We purchased our system from Ablaze Energy and are very pleased with the installation. The installation crew was good at keeping us posted on their progress and cleaned up very well after installation work. The system is so well hidden, it is invisible from the street, which we believe is a real asset to our "curb appeal." We have recommended Ablaze to several of our neighbors. Going 'Green' is the right thing to do, and Ablaze Energy seems to be the right company with which to work."

Keith Sullivan

"I was contacted about the benefits of solar, and a quick analysis was done on my property. A few days later an official proposal was presented. It was obvious we could benefit from the product, and we signed on the line. A few weeks later a very professional crew began work and one week later it was complete. Xcel Energy showed up a few days later and we were up and running. The process was quick and effortless on my part, and all involved did a great job."

Gene Grams

"From start to finish everyone involved was completely knowledgeable and professional. One would be hard-pressed to find a better installation crew; they were truly impressive. The money spent on this system will give us a payback that is unachievable with most current investments. Ablaze Energy definitely has my highest recommendation."